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What is Feng Shui?


For thousands of years the Chinese studied the environment and its causal impact on the life force of mankind, and called this study, Feng Shui.

Qi (also chi or ch’i) was identified as integral to life – its energy force, and Feng Shui masters found that when the environment supports Qi, positive results occur.

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Career Success Cure

The career corner is the North direction of your home or office.  Career need a boost?

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Luck Cure

In feng shui, each person has his or her own individual best, or lucky feng shui direction.

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Love Cures

It's wise to make sure the SW section of your home is clear and inviting.  Want some love?

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Wealth Cures

Keep your front door area clear of obstacles it so that it is easy for you or energy to come in and out.

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Health Cures

The middle of your home is one indicator of good health. You might add 9, 18 or 27...

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Fame Cures

All of us need fame and reputation in some respect. Do you get credit for your work?

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Office Cures

Select your work space or office carefully. Do not sit in a desk that directly faces the entrance.

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Creativity Cures

What is the main energy you want in your space? What specific activity is this space intended for?

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